Elizabeth City Exhibit Pays Respect to Lynched African American Women

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. — Pasquotank County resident Alexis Joyner and folk artist Danny Doughty have been named the February Featured Artists at Arts of the Albemarle (AoA). The opening reception will take place at AoA during the First Friday ArtWalk on February 5 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Joyner’s exhibit, titled “Forgotten Fruit,” will feature paintings and sculptures depicting African-American women who have been lynched in the US between 1886-1957. Joyner’s research revealed that there were almost 150 documented cases of African American women who were lynched during this time period.

 “It is my sincere hope that this series is received in the spirit that it was created,” Joyner says. “This is an attempt at showing my boundless respect for the courage and spirit of these Black women who played a major role in shaping the soul of our country.”

AoA will also integrate technology into this historical exhibit.

“We’re thrilled to feature videos of Alexis speaking about the inspiration behind his exhibit, allowing any visitor to hear directly from the artist himself,” says Allison Cianciulli, Gallery Manager at AoA. “All you need is a device that will allow you to scan a QR code.”

Danny Doughty, who is from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, is the second Featured Artist this month. As a visionary folk artist, Danny’s paintings stretch the boundaries of realism in his mastery of color, texture, and pattern. Many of his new works have a rich abstract quality that tell his remarkable story.

“We also are honored to have the opportunity to host the incredible work of renowned folk artist Danny Doughty,” Cianciulli says. “This is going to be an exhibit you do not want to miss!”

Both Joyner and Doughty will be present at the First Friday ArtWalk on Feb 5. COVID-19 safety guidelines will be followed, so please note that there will be a limit on the number of visitors in the Gallery at a time.

Joyner and Doughty’s work will be on display in the Gallery at AoA until the end of February.

Arts of the Albemarle invites our community and visitors to experience the arts, music, and culture of the region through diverse performances, exhibitions and educational programs. To learn more about the organization, please visit www.artsaoa.org.



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