Fayetteville Museum Hosts 16th Annual Civil War Quiz Bowl

Jan. 5, 2017

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. ― Are you a fan of game shows but can’t travel to Hollywood to be part of a “live studio audience?” Are you a Civil War buff? If you answered yes to both questions, then consider participating in the Museum of the Cape Fear’s 16th Annual Civil War Quiz Bowl on Thursday January 26, starting at 7:00 pm. Join us as a contestant or spectator. This year’s competition will be held at the museum, 801 Arsenal Ave., Fayetteville.

The quiz bowl is like a game show. Contestants are asked questions by the host, Jim Greathouse, who founded the program 16 years ago while employed at the Museum of the Cape Fear. Contestants choose from one of 10 categories. They are asked a question from that category. If they answer correctly they remain in the game. If they answer incorrectly they receive a strike. Three strikes and they’re out. Winners are chosen among the last contestants remaining in two age groups: 16 and under for the youth category, and 17 and up as the adult category. Their prize? A gift card to spend on more Civil War books.

The overall winner from 2016 was actually the youth winner. The adult winner coming in second place overall. “Each year the competition seems to get more impressive,” says Leisa Greathouse, curator of education. “After 15 years we’ve become quite good at running our own game show, and to all those Civil War buffs who have been sitting in the audience each year, it’s time to muster up the courage for a place in the hot seat. But for those who need more time to think about it, they can sign up at the door. We will accept up to 20 contestants,” said Greathouse.

If you are interested in being a contestant you can call the museum at 910/486-1330 to register, or, register online.

The categories this year are named for social media outlets, to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. These categories provide an intriguing way to reflect upon the changes that have taken place overtime, especially in the field of information technology (IT). The social-media-named categories also allow the museum to keep a fresh approach after 15 years of categories like “Name that Battle” or “Generally Speaking.”

If you are trying to decide if your level of knowledge is worthy of competition, here’s a peek at a question:
Q. General Sherman ordered the destruction of what Fayetteville facility that manufactured arms and ammunition?
A. The Fayetteville Arsenal
Too easy? Here’s another:
Q. Who was governor of North Carolina when the Civil War began
A. John Willis Ellis (last names only are accepted unless otherwise stated in the question)

“At the beginning of the contest, the rules are reviewed. The last rule is, ‘We are here to enjoy ourselves and have fun.’ At the end of the night we hope both the contestants and the audience were glad they attended a museum event,” concluded Greathouse.

Spectators are welcome! (No blurting out answers please.)

If you are interested in participating there are three ways to sign up: online registration at http://bit.ly/2iGj6fD, call the museum at 910-486-1330 or email leisa.greathouse@ncdcr.gov. For more information about the museum please visit our website: www.museumofthecapefear.ncdcr.gov or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. The Museum of the Cape Fear operates under the NC Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Plans are now in place to transform the Museum of the Cape Fear from a regional museum into the North Carolina Civil War History Center. For more information and membership opportunities, visit www.nccivilwarcenter.org or follow them on Facebook.

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Leisa Greathouse